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Emma and Amelia (Meals) in a nutshell. Best Friends for more than 17 years. Velbella Airbrush Co-directors and Glow Studio Business Partners. Now, we have started a podcast called GLOW STUDIO and made a 'Bridal Series' just for you. It's a series for our Velbella Brides (and anyone getting married!) We talk about everything from engagement, expectations, communication, and tips for choosing vendors.  Why are we telling you all this? Well, we want you to be relaxed on your wedding day. Preparation is the key to relaxation! We're here for the journey and look forward to sharing our tips with you. 

Trailer. Introducing Emma and Amelia

Join us on this introductory episode where we share a bit about ourselves and our backgrounds. Let’s get to know each other!

  • Emma - your Airbrush Makeup Artist and Amelia, Key Hair Stylist (and podcast producer)

  • How Glow Studio came to be and where Velbella Airbrush comes into the mix.

  • Our plans for this Bridal Series and, how to connect with us.

01. Navigating Wedding Priorities

Congratulations! You’re engaged! but now what? We’ll let you know, from our experience, the steps that follow an engagement and share our top tips for navigating your wedding priorities!

  • Considerations for you and your new Fiance - identifying your priorities.

  • The planning stage and where to start - Budgets and the Pintrest VortexChoosing dates, vendors, florists, wedding planners - and if you even need one.

  • Selecting your bridal party and, the key to a stress-free wedding.

02. A preview of your wedding day with us

This episode is for the Velbella Bride, however any Bride will find value in this episode. With hundreds of weddings under our belt, we’ve seen what causes stress and distraction from being in this special moment. We’re your second bridesmaids - so we’re sharing all our top tips!

  • Preparing for the big day and, what to expect from us while we get you ready.

  • “Jobs on the day” - what should and should-not be on that list,

  • The “Go-time Moment” when everything gets real - and we’re here for it.

03. The BridesMAID Chronicles

A common question we hear is ‘What is the role of a bridesmaid?’ We believe it is in the name - bridesMAID. But most have never been one so we thought we’d give you The Ultimate Guide to Supporting the Bride.

  • Being the best support from the start - simple tips so you know what to look out for.

  • Keeping an eye on the Bride - an awareness of what needs to be done - even if they don’t ask

  • Knowing what is on your Bride’s list and contributing to a wedding day is truly magical for everyone involved.

Bridesmaid Planner - free download as PDF

04. Bride Trial: The foundation of communication

There are lots of misconceptions when it comes to Bride Trials. All Velbella Brides would say their trial was a crucial step on their journey with us. It’s where we get to know you, so we can deliver results that align with your vision.

  • What to expect from a trial and what you can do to prepare, or consider.

  • Going beyond the surface, focusing on understanding your unique style, and

  • The value of feedback - good feedback = trust and understanding

05. Skin and Hair Prep: Enhancing your Natural Beauty

We’ll share the keys to lasting event hair and makeup - and it all starts with the base. Join us as we explore the myths, the must-dos, and the secrets behind achieving a radiant look on your big day.

  • Hair Prep - Debunking Myths and, tips for looking after your hair.

  • Skin Prep - Hydration is Key, a skincare routine from a Trained Beauty Therapist.

Email if you have suggestions for another episode and Amelia will put it on the list!

Vendor List

Throughout the years we have worked with several vendors in the Bridal and Creative Arts Industries. So we have created a short vendor list to help our clients choose reliable, cost effective and quality suppliers for their wedding day or event.

If you would like to join our vendor list, please email

We reveal all our tips for choosing your vendors in the Glow Studio Bridal Series Podcast!!
Wedding Decorators & Styling
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