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A note from our Creative Director, Emma Moffat

Ever since I completed my Diploma in 2009, the world of Makeup and Skincare has captivated me like no other. Throughout my career, I have had the incredible opportunity to work at some of Brisbane's most exclusive Day Spas and Beauty Therapy Salons. These experiences have granted me a profound understanding of the importance of clean and healthy skin. In my eyes, achieving a flawless Makeup Application begins with a solid skincare routine and I am here to share my knowledge with you and help achieve the most impeccable, high quality Makeup finish. 

Being a part of the Bridal Industry since 2014 has been an absolute privilege. Each time I have the honor of contributing to a bride's special day, I am deeply moved and the connection I make with each of my Brides extends far beyond just Hair and Makeup. The team and myself pride ourselves on our reliability, professionalism, high quality results along with our unique dynamic, that sure leads to a few laughs! 

We exclusively use Velbella Airbrush... because that's my other business! Velbella Airbrush is used by other makeup professionals and they just love it!

My role extends far beyond making you look and feel amazing! My aim is to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience on your wedding day, one that is free from stress and worry. I take it upon myself to establish a strong connection with your other vendors, working harmoniously towards a shared timeline.

In summary, my journey in the beauty industry has been a delightful blend of professionalism and fun. Through my expertise in skincare and makeup, my team and I are here to guide and support you, not only as skilled artists but also as a team dedicated to making your wedding day truly special.

I cant wait to make you a Velbella Bride and provide you an experience you will cherish forever. 

Emma x 

Velbella Airbrush

Airbrush Makeup is an advanced way to apply foundation, blush and shimmers to the face and body. It is applied using a small air compressor, especially designed for makeup application. The application feels similar to a very light spray tan.


Ideal for brides on their wedding day (or any special day) because it provides a flawless finish and wears for up to 15 hours. It is waterproof, sweat proof and smudge proof.

Any level of coverage can be achieved, from a light, natural day wear to a full coverage glamour look that will last all night long!

Since airbrushing requires very little product to be used, it feels weightless on the skin and has a silky, second-skin like finish.

We don’t use parabens or silicone in any of our products.


Velbella is a water-based mineral foundation. We have created our makeup products to have the highest quality of ingredients and free of nasty chemicals and preservatives.

Velbella is a hypoallergenic formula that is designed for sensitive skin. It is noncomedogenic and is oil-free, matte and an enriched formula that Helps protect the skin.


It also is suitable for mature-aged skin. In fact, it works better than traditional foundations as it doesn’t accentuate lines.

The fact that it is light but also gives amazing coverage means that it doesn’t need to be applied heavily and therefore doesn’t skin into lines rather it skims over the lines and creates a beautiful youthful glow on the skin.


Our Airbrush Foundation is an age-defying, lightweight, oil-free formula that protects the skin from environmental stress.

Our Mission.png

Emma and Amelia actively embrace their faith, incorporating it into their daily lives. As devout modern Christian women in business, they find great purpose in reaching out to those who are less fortunate. With a shared vision, they are currently organizing a missionary trip to Africa in 2028, where they aim to provide support and assistance to their partner charity, Raising Dignity.

Emma and Amelia prioritize upholding their values that harmonize with their faith. They firmly believe in treating every individual they encounter with love, compassion, and kindness. By embodying these principles, they aim to foster a culture of inclusivity and respect in their professional endeavors, ensuring that their faith guides their actions and interactions.

Through their upcoming missionary trip to Africa and their partnership with Raising Dignity, Emma and Amelia seek to extend their love and support to those in need, embracing their Christian values as a guiding force in their charitable work. Their unwavering dedication to their faith, coupled with their genuine desire to make a difference, exemplifies their unwavering commitment to living as modern Christian women with a profound sense of purpose.



Raising Dignity came about as a direct result of the efforts and needs of Cori-Anna College located in the remote village of Elemyonga in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Raising Dignity was set up to formalize peoples interest in  how they can help the women and children in this region. We aim to raise the dignity of every woman and child who connects themselves to Cori-Anna College. Whether it is providing Dignity Kits and health education for women who menstruate; or providing the children with the basics such as food, shelter, education, health checks and vaccinations. Raising Dignity aims to assist in filling in the gaps which the local village is struggling to address.

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